It was the first bluebird day of the season in Huntington, but as is typically the case on the “rock pile,” winds were hammering start zones and the skis on our packs were turning into sails. After being knocked down to our hands and knees (while climbing over a fun mixture of rock, rotting snow, [...]

New England Updates

Do you think we can make it to November without turning the heat on? The current 10 day weather forecast for Maine and New Hampshire was the impetus to this question; predicted low of 34 on Sat. night . As I mulled over how long I would be comfortable sleeping in down jackets I realized [...]

Backcountry Skiing Gender Statistics

It has been a while since the last post. However, armed with rocket fuel coffee, a moment of free time, and some interesting statistics (still yet to be fully analyzed) I thought I would share some insights on what appears to be an imbalanced backcountry skiing community. This isn't to imply that men and women [...]