Managing Risk Through Gratitude

At 2:30 AM standing on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean I waded into the water as far as my body and mind would allow. The muscle memory of casting and stripping line is so engrained that no visual cues are required to place the line how and where I want to, thus fishing for [...]

Summer Reading

With the solstice officially behind us it is a good time to earnestly engage in some off season training. For many athletes training is something that generally comes pretty easily to those requiring constant physical activity. However, more and more research continues to pile up in defense of down time and rest days. These rebuilding [...]

Enjoy The Turns

This site is dedicated to creating an open forum where backcountry skiers and riders can share their adventures and misadventures with a safe and thoughtful community. The goal is to create conversations about the positive and negative trends developing within backcountry skiing with a specific focus on decision making in avalanche terrain. However, the site [...]