Spring Edit

https://vimeo.com/163931205 It has been a hectic season with the Monday through Friday job mixed with training + the weekend gig teaching AIARE courses with Acadia Mountain Guides. However, in the midst of the hustle some fortuitous trips occurred that provided deep snow (Crystal Mountain, WA), steep corn (Mt. Washington, NH), and incredibly aesthetic lines (Estes [...]

Returning Home

Only a handful of people actually understand why I left work early, seemingly abandoning my day-to-day responsibilities, to fly to Seattle. Truth be told, it wasn’t an impulsive desire to chase winter storms (although as luck would have it there were plenty of those throughout the trip), and while I imagine myself still being brazen [...]

East Coast Roundup

            They are testing snow guns at Sunday River; ice pellets are forecasted on Mt. Washington, Warren Miller is coming to Portland, and whispers of ESAW abound. Meanwhile, lunar eclipses and monsoon rains are creating meteorological chaos that we can only hope carries into the upcoming colder months. All of which [...]


It was the first bluebird day of the season in Huntington, but as is typically the case on the “rock pile,” winds were hammering start zones and the skis on our packs were turning into sails. After being knocked down to our hands and knees (while climbing over a fun mixture of rock, rotting snow, [...]

Slowly Pushing Limits

I had no idea the undertaking writing a master’s thesis would be. My imagination fell horribly short in its attempts to create what it would look and feel like to complete this level of academic work. All facets of life were impacted by the project, however, what I truly underestimated was the toll research and [...]