The average historical snowfall on Mt. Washington for the months of October (17.6in) and November (37.8in) sit well below this season’s current totals; unofficially 100+ inches from late October through mid-November. Interestingly, this precipitation outlier was accompanied by equally as strange low wind speeds (based on data gathered from unscientific but incredibly fun “fieldwork”). Additionally, … Continue reading ANOMOLIES


I begin each winter with clear personal and professional goals. This year all plans had to be changed or abandoned due to injury and great personal loss. What resulted was a winter spent trying to heal physically and emotionally, searching for answers to life’s unanswerable questions. This video commemorates the lives of Brad Lord and … Continue reading SOLACE

Why We Go

  This is an excerpt from the 2016 Outdoor Orientation speech at the Waynflete School in Portland, ME.  Recently I was asked to think about a place in the world to which I feel connected. After I identified this place, I was then supposed to explain to the people in my group why this particular … Continue reading Why We Go

Spring Edit

It has been a hectic season with the Monday through Friday job mixed with training + the weekend gig teaching AIARE courses with Acadia Mountain Guides. However, in the midst of the hustle some fortuitous trips occurred that provided deep snow (Crystal Mountain, WA), steep corn (Mt. Washington, NH), and incredibly aesthetic lines (Estes Park, … Continue reading Spring Edit

Returning Home

Only a handful of people actually understand why I left work early, seemingly abandoning my day-to-day responsibilities, to fly to Seattle. Truth be told, it wasn’t an impulsive desire to chase winter storms (although as luck would have it there were plenty of those throughout the trip), and while I imagine myself still being brazen … Continue reading Returning Home