Hello and welcome to enjoytheturns! I am an East Coast based skier dedicated to exploring snow covered mountains throughout the U.S. and abroad. My graduate work investigated how people communicate and make choices when entering avalanche terrain. Throughout the course of my research I realized that many skiers were looking for forums (personal and online) that would facilitate different conversations about their backcountry experiences. Thus, once my thesis was finished I developed this site as a place where backcountry skiers can safely share their adventures and misadventures. That isn’t to say that all the content on this site is serious or academically focused. Enjoytheturns is also a hub for weather updates, avalanche forecasts, and general information about new gear, trips, and media pertaining to our collective pursuit of sliding down mountains. So enjoy, and please contribute!

Photo Credit: Carl Zoch

Check out his amazing work (seriously, click on the link, you will be glad you did)


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  1. Intrigued by site name. My name is Wanda Gallant. I use Enjoytheturns name also. Those challenges we all can face if we try but some people don’t have the longevity to face them and they don’t get how to practice so the turn is indeed the most exciting part! That’s what I mean when I say it. how do you explain and use it for u?

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