East Coast Roundup

            They are testing snow guns at Sunday River; ice pellets are forecasted on Mt. Washington, Warren Miller is coming to Portland, and whispers of ESAW abound. Meanwhile, lunar eclipses and monsoon rains are creating meteorological chaos that we can only hope carries into the upcoming colder months. All of which means one thing and one thing only!!………that we are still a ways away from actually skiing. Fear not though ye intrepid schussers of snow, opportunities abound for you to get your fix of skiing until fluffy flakes actually starts to fly.

Once you have scrapped off all the storage wax, realize you didn’t take the batteries out of your beacon like Lou Dawson told you to, and stopped incessantly checking Powder Mag’s Trailer Park, you should fire up the “Subi” (note: this is a good opportunity to clean out the garbage you left in your rocketbox since the last trip up the auto road) and check out some of the events listed below.

First things first, Chris Carleton and crew are going bonkers over at their new digs. All the added space has created so much room for activities, which the Allspeed staff plans to put to good use this fall. Click on their Facebook page or website (links below) to get details on all the gear deals, movie showings, and local fermented beverages that are soon to arrive for your purchasing, viewing, and imbibing pleasure (note: bring your own chair).



Now for you backcountry snow geeks and newbies alike, the gathering is about to occur, yes you know what I’m talking about, ESAW. The Eastern Snow and Avalanche Workshop is ½ avalanche education and ½ check in to see how hard your ski partners have been climbing/paddling in the offseason. Either way you are bound to hear some good stories. ESAW has been around for a few years now and it continues to get better with each iteration. Chris, Jeff, and Frank work tirelessly in the offseason to bring in speakers and sponsors from around the country, ultimately resulting in a daylong workshop that is second to none. If you feel like heading into the backcountry this winter this is a great way to get your season started. Click on the link below to find out more.


Note: This event is not equivalent to taking an approved AIARE course…..you should sign up for one of those with your friendly local mountain guide service.


If none of these events fire you up for the winter ahead then just watch this once a day until December…..

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