Photo Credit: Jeremy Bernard


Ohhh to be able to ski this well at 45 years old. Regardless of what they say about him slowing down, Bruno clearly still has more power and style than most in their 20s and 30s. I appreciate how this short film provides some insight into his personal history and life philosophies.

The omnipresence of huge lines, big hucks, and mind bending tricks, often overshadows the foundation of freeskiing which is built upon the individual and collective search for meaning in the mountains. Thus, perhaps more inspiring than Bruno’s skiing is his deep and unyielding commitment to a life spent in the alpine. His recognition and acceptance of the role he is meant to play while here on earth is something everyone, skier or not, searches for. Consequently, the combination of his philosophies, skiing style, and some solid ink, makes Bruno a worthy candidate for today’s post on who inspires us both on and off the mountain.

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