New England Updates

Do you think we can make it to November without turning the heat on? The current 10 day weather forecast for Maine and New Hampshire was the impetus to this question; predicted low of 34 on Sat. night . As I mulled over how long I would be comfortable sleeping in down jackets I realized that seasonal change is finally upon us. The snow levels are lowering in the Cascades and the Rockies, and New England even received a shout out in the most recent powderchasers report. While accumulations remain limited to alpine areas it is nonetheless exciting to make the transition from wishful thinking to a snow filled reality. In light of slow yet welcome change I have provided some preseason info for those gearing up to earn your turns this winter.

ESAW – Go, learn, ask questions, meet people….ask more questions. Knowledge is power in any system or facet of life and the backcountry is no different. ESAW is a great opportunity to meet avalanche forecasters, guides, and ski professionals all with a great depth of knowledge and a willingness to share. Also the prizes are cool. For our VT friends who can’t make the haul to ESAW check out the 2nd annual Vermont Backcountry Forum in Rochester, VT and “improve your ski karma.” Links to both events provided below.

Welcome to the VTBC!

And for those who need proof of the potential for snow….check out this link.

Keep the snow dances going, ride safe, and enjoy the turns.

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